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Soft Ice Cream and Yoghurt Success Stories

Experience the Sweet Joy of Ice Cream at Chorley Hospital’s Café!
The brand-new Icetro soft-serve ice cream machine took centre stage, delighting everyone with free ice cream during the grand opening. An astonishing 400+ ice creams served in just under 2 hours!
Andy Dunne, the Catering Trust Manager at the NHS, transformed Chorley Hospital’s café into a brighter place for staff, patients, and visitors alike to visit.

A Healthier Twist at Preston Hospital’s Café – Frozen Yogurt Edition!
Join us once more in the heart of the hospital as we reunite with Andy, the NHS Catering Trust Manager for Lancashire Teaching Hospital. This time, Andy introduces a delectable new addition to Preston Hospital’s café menu: frozen yogurt! Discover how this delightful treat is not just about flavour but also about promoting health and well-being