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ID-150AN Ice Dispenser

Table Top Ice Dispenser

The Icetro ID-150AN is the ideal ice dispensing solution for use in any public, commercial or office environment. Made from durable stainless steel construction with three dispensing modes.

  • 50KG daily ice production/5KG ice storage capacity
  • Table top design with powerful performance
  • Designed for easy installation and service
  • Three modes - Ice/Water/Ice & Water
  • Nugget shaped ice
ModelCondenserIce TypeIce Production 24 Hours (Air/Water - 21℃(70℉)/10℃(50℉))Ice Production 24 Hours (Air/Water - 32℃(90℉)/21℃(70℉))Power ConsumptionElectrical OptionWater Usage gal/100 lbs. @90 /70 F (32 /21 C)Power kWh/100 lbs. @90 /70 F (32 /21 C)
ID-150ANAir-CooledNUGGET309 lbs(140 kg)243 lbs(110 kg)620 W( 10 %)208~230V/60Hz/1PH 220~240V/50Hz/1PH 115V/60Hz/1PH126.79